Stationary Photovoltaic Cleaning Robot
Stationary Photovoltaic Cleaning Robot

The fixed photovoltaic cleaning robot adopts the autonomous walking intelligent cleaning mode, with smaller volume and lighter weight and less investment. It can adapt to a variety of complex and variable photovoltaic scenarios, and improve the cleaning efficiency of photovoltaic power station panels and the power generation income of photovoltaic system.

  • Efficient cleaning

  • Multiple scenes

  • Safe and stable

cleaning robot

  • High frequency unmanned

    Suitable for unmanned photovoltaic cleaning scenarios with high cleaning frequency

  • 6MW/day

    6MW/day (4m length)
    Cleaning efficiency

  • High density extended rolling brush

    Efficient cleaning accessories

  • Full angle scene

    Full angle scene photovoltaic panel cleaning

  • Self-power

    Self powered solar panels

  • Anti drop component

    Mechanical hanging edge protection against falling

  • -40℃-90℃

    Strong environmental adaptability

  • Integrated design

    No need for repeated installation

  • Remote control in the background

    Background automatic control cleaning